Matthew Ludwig
UI/UX Designer &
front-end web developer
San Francisco
Hello, my name is Matthew Ludwig, a front-end web developer with some years of experience ...a Silicon Valley native with a keen interest for growth. Full stack, UI/UX, web design, customer acquisition, no matter what one calls it, there has always been a need for programmers with an end-to-end awareness of one's craft...from business needs through to what shows up on a screen, and everything in-between.

Familiarity with CSS & HTML & JavaScript. I've cared know many libraries and frameworks too. Worked as an engineer for ten years, then selling enterprise software ten more. A couple degrees, my most valuable skill an ability to learn, closely followed by humility, an ability to know when I do not know...courtesy the University of California.

As someone who started developing in 1984, my feeling is there was just as much to know back then as there is today; it was simply lower level is all. The focus has shifted from machine language to frameworks, no more or less demanding than it ever was.
Creative Direction, Web Design, Social Campaign Design, Email Campaign Design, Point of Purchase Design, Website Development, Email Development, Copywriting
Lead Product Designer/Front End Developer
Fitness App
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Freelance work
People ignore design that ignores people.
Let's generate some reveunue. Count on me to enjoy solving problems, learning about technology and relationships...the latest forces transforming people's lives...or we can simply talk about your favorite app du jour.